2022 Wrap up!

2022 Wrap up!

We highly value you as our customer and it has been a great year!

Our business is taking off and we are doing loads of work to build up our platform with new features and integrations.

In the last 20 months, we have:

  • sent 5500 invoices on behalf our dear customers
  • caught countless bugs and fixed them
  • made our payments and invoice reconciliation faster with PSD2 automation (by Mastercard Aiia - open banking)
  • integrated automated KYB, AML and PEP check with Dillisense
  • integrated eIDEasy for faster KYC check and user onboarding with Smart-ID
  • created more succesful customer support workflow with Intercom
  • launched Freelancer Management System for Businesses
  • graduated from Startup Wise Guys Fintech Acceleration programme and received first seed investment
  • graduated from Mastercard Lighthouse FINITIV program
  • accepted to start-up support program by Investment and Development Agency of Latvia
  • joined Latvian Startup Association
  • built infrastructure ready for faster scaling and localisation in new markets

So what's in for 2023?

We are looking forward to new and exciting stuff in 2023:

  • First of all - Abillio will be going international soon, we've launched early access signups page for non-Latvia tax residents (you can share the link with your friends outside Latvia!)
  • Secondly, we're looking to implement new integrations and partnerships with marketplaces and creator platforms so you'll be able to get more clients and earn more! In fact - we already have partnered up with REVOLANCER, it's a zero commission marketplace for freelancers, and they have a special gift for you - 50% discount for a personal Plus page - read more below
  • Last but not least - we really hope that in 2023 we will be able to provide you with personal IBANs and virtual and physical Abillio payment cards so you'll be able to access your funds immediately after the invoice reconciliation

To support further development, continue providing excellent customer experience and bring you even better functionality and new features, we have set our service fee 5% to all new users. Fee change will also affect legacy fee users starting from January '23. Abillio is the only platform on the market that offers full cycle - company-as-a-service, invoicing, payments and full tax administration and reporting, our new pricing still is less than similar solutions with less functionality are asking on the market.

What new features you'd like to see?

Please let us know what new features and services you expect from Abillio next year, and also give any feedback you'd like us to hear.


Join zero fees marketplace REVOLANCER

As a Revolancer freelancer, you will be free to post your freelancer services to international clients in the knowledge that they'll take 0% of the cut.

During the onboarding, you'll be able to get Revolancer Plus and create your mini website - ideal for freelancers, digital professionals, and those looking to get found online. Use the Coupon code - ABILLIO50OFF

and you'll get 50% off the first period - this means if you bill annually, you essentially pay for 2.5 months and get the remaining 9.5 for free (after the discount).

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All the best wishes and success with your freelance business in 2023!

Abillio Team

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