The Ultimate Guide to Top Freelance Job Sites for Content Writers

The Ultimate Guide to Top Freelance Job Sites for Content Writers

Freelance writing has become one of the top side hustles many avid creators have also turned into their main income stream. After all, freelancing brings several perks, including flexible working hours and the possibility to delve into topics you really like.

Being on your own, however, means you should always think about how you're going to find new clients and secure your next writing gigs. Luckily, many websites now help connect freelancers with businesses or individuals who need to outsource writing services.

Whether you're an experienced freelance writer or a talent just at the beginning of your writing career, getting decent pay and finding the right platform for showcasing your skills can be critical to your success in the industry. So, let's explore the top freelance job sites for content writers.

1. Upwork

Upwork is the first name that usually pops into people's heads when they think of platforms for freelance writers. It has over 800 thousand active clients with writing being the second most demanded job category right after web, mobile, and software development.

While the number of potential customers is high, so is the number of competitors. Over 18 million freelancers, mainly from the US, India, and the UK, are registered on Upwork making it a rather competitive marketplace.

- Thousands of writing gigs in different niches
- Possibility to showcase portfolio to build trust
- Opportunity to create tailored service pages
- Possibility to apply for 10 jobs free of charge every month

- Increasingly high competition
- The bidding system may drive prices down
- Difficult to secure jobs without customer reviews

As a freelancer, you need to pay a freelancer service fee of 5-10% on the earnings based on the contract you have with your client. For a more premium experience, you can subscribe to a Freelancer Plus plan for $20 monthly.

2. Fiverr

Next on the list of the top freelance writer job sites is Fiverr. Unlike Upwork, it puts freelancers in the driver's seat and allows them to create service gigs in various domains—from strategy to content creation and editing. Companies can then browse the offerings and hire the best freelance writer for their needs.

Fiverr's on-demand model has attracted over 4 million active buyers and close to 400 thousand freelancers making it a relatively less competitive digital marketplace. However, to stay ahead of the competition, you still need to craft your proposal to perfection and clearly communicate the value you can add.

- High traffic and visibility
- Full control over prices and earnings
- Numerous opportunities in the writing category with highly specific niches

- High competition drives prices down
- Difficult to prove the quality at the start due to pricing pressure
- Critical to get positive customer reviews to succeed consistently

Fiverr is free to use but you'll be charged a 20% service fee from your total earnings.
Even Fiverr Pro is free of charge; however, you need to apply for it and go through a selection process. Once approved, it's easier to earn credibility with a pro badge and you get access to premium clients.

3. Freelancer

As the name suggests, Freelancer is a job site connecting businesses with freelancers. It's the world's largest marketplace with 53 regional websites and availability in over 247 countries.

While website development and design services account for 60% of all sales on the platform, writing is still the third largest category offering a lot of job opportunities for freelance writers. Freelancers can create portfolios resembling social media profiles and set hourly rates to attract clients and then bid for gigs.

- The biggest reach across the globe
- Ability to showcase your portfolio
- Contests give more possibilities to earn on the platform

- Freelancers need to bid against each other to secure a project
- The bidding system may drive prices down more than other platforms
- Complex fee system

For fixed-price projects, Freelancer charges 10% or $5.00, whichever is greater, and 10% for hourly projects. Once a project is accepted, a small project fee relative to the value of the selected bid is also levied.
For contests, the same 10% or $5.00 rule applies. Freelancers may also pay extra to promote their bids and can get a verified freelancer badge for an additional fee.

4. PeoplePerHour

PeoplePerHour is a UK-based freelance job site that follows the same system as Upwork. It allows businesses to create projects, and then freelancers can submit their proposals. The company's user base is mainly from Europe but it has a global reach with 1.4 million active members worldwide.

PeoplePerHour is more known for offering work in the areas of business administration and support. However, freelance writers can, too, find highly specialized projects to work on from ghostwriting and more technical articles to proofreading and copywriting.

- Flexible work arrangement – fixed- or hourly-rate projects
- Possibility to find both one-time and long-term projects
- More competitive rates for writers than on other platforms

- Numerous fees that add up
- It pays off to use the platform extensively to get a reduced service fee

PeoplePerHour freelancers pay service fees based on how much they have earned per project.
For sales below £250, the service fee is 20% (excluding VAT). Anything above that but below £5000 amounts to 7.5%, and if you're lucky enough to finish a project worth more than £5000, the service fee drops to 3.5%. There's also a service fee per invoice – £1.

5. Guru

Initially created as a space for high-tech workers to find short-term contracts, Guru is now a more comprehensive freelance job site. It boasts about 800 thousand employers and 3 million freelancers worldwide.

Unlike other platforms, Guru pays more attention to service quality and checks freelancers' skills before they can actively use the site. This results in fairer competition and also allows setting adequate rates.

- Easy to showcase previous work and skills in the profile
- The freelancer screening process ensures more competitive prices
- The escrow system ensures freelancers get paid for their work

- You have to go through skill verification before you can start applying for jobs
- It takes more time to secure the first clients
- Additional investment to promote bids and get new projects consistently
- You have to compete with companies offering similar services

With a basic (free) plan, freelancers are charged a 9% job fee on every paid invoice. However, to unlock more features and bid for more jobs on a monthly basis, you can switch to a paid plan starting at $11.95 monthly.
There are four paid membership plans in total with Executive being the most advanced out of all and offering a reduced job fee of 5%.

6. ProBlogger

If blog writing and editing is your main niche, ProBlogger might just be the best place to look for new projects. It's specifically designed to help businesses and talented writers meet each other.

Because of its high specificity, ProBlogger has a relatively small, yet incredibly targeted user base. Aside from its easy-to-use job board, the company also provides freelancers with many valuable resources on writing and business management.

- A job site built exclusively for bloggers
- A wide range of quality postings from short-term contracts to full-time remote writing positions
- Relatively small competition compared to other platforms
- Useful resources to grow as a freelance content writer

- Not too many new postings on a daily basis
- Freelancers can't set their own rates and have to manage payments on their own
- Due to limited job opportunities, you need to check the job board frequently so as not to miss a project
- Difficult to predict monthly earnings

ProBlogger is completely free to use. You may subscribe to a Premium Candidate Membership to get your profile at the top of the candidate list. The membership costs $3.75 monthly if paid annually or $5 monthly for a 90-day subscription.

7. Freelance Writing

Similar to ProBlogger, Freelance Writing is another job site that places writers at the center of attention. The platform covers numerous industries and offers writing gigs in various categories including copywriting, journalism, and blogging.

The company also provides free e-books for aspiring writers and has a writing contest section. The job board and account management, however, have been moved to a new platform called

- Focused exclusively on high-quality writing projects that pay well
- Modern and easy-to-use interface
- The platform provides job suggestions based on your skills
- Free to use

- All writers have to complete a writing test to get accepted into the platform
- Only experienced freelancers may be selected
- You may need to tailor your profile to meet the requirements of different gigs
- A relatively new platform with a smaller customer base than other platforms

Freelance Writing and are free to use. It's not clear whether writers need to pay extra fees on their earnings.

8. LinkedIn

While LinkedIn is a social media platform and is far from being a dedicated freelancer job site, it provides ample room for showcasing your skills and finding new writing gigs.

You can use your profile to outline your services, and previous work, and show your writing talent through posts, articles, and endorsements. It's also possible to find freelance jobs by filtering out remote opportunities in the Jobs section. Yet, networking through likes and comments is the most important part as it increases your visibility on the platform.

- High-quality job listings
- Numerous opportunities to find writing gigs in different industries
- Easy to check customers and verify their trustworthiness
- Free to use

- Freelancers have to take care of project management and payments on their own. If you run into this issue, Abillio's company-as-a-service can take care of the payments for you
- Not a dedicated freelance job site, so it takes time and effort to stand out and secure a collaboration

LinkedIn is free to use. You may subscribe to LinkedIn Premium for more advanced search functions and suggestions, as well as courses and AI assistance. LinkedIn Premium costs $29.99 monthly with the first month free.

Final Verdict: What's the Best Job Site for Freelance Writers?

There are numerous opportunities for freelance writers to find writing gigs regardless of their preferred niche or industry. The above platforms are just some of the many job sites that anyone can use to build a career as a writer.

To maximize your earnings and increase your chances of securing long-term contracts, consider signing up and testing out several websites at once. This will help you diversify your income streams and identify the platforms that suit your profile the best.

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