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Invoice your cross border business customers and get paid to your personal bank account. We take care of taxes and running the company.


Why choose Abillio?

Abillio is an online tool to support your individual business, offering company-as-a-service. Starting an individual business with Abillio takes less than 10 minutes, as there will be no need to register new company or deal with paperwork and tax reports. It’s a better alternative than a micro-enterprise, self-employed, royalty / patent recipient or running your own company ( see comparison here).

  • Quick

    • join Abillio for free
    • create and send your first invoice in under 10 minutes
    • get notified when the invoice is paid
    • transfer money to your personal bank account
  • Convenient

    • you don't have to establish a company or register as a self-employed
    • no need for bookkeeping and tax reports
    • work from anywhere, anytime
  • Cost friendly

    • no running costs
    • you don't have to hire an accountant
    • save on taxes

How does it work?

Company-as-a-service allows anyone to become an Abillio member and use Abillio to bill and pay for their services. Abillio is a co-op company and each member can use it to invoice their clients.

  • Sign up

    Enter your email or join with Facebook or Google
  • Start using the service

    Enter customer details, create and send your first invoice
  • Receive a payment notification

    As soon as the customer pays the bill to the Abillio account, you receive a notification
  • Transfer money to your account

    Enter your bank account and receive money at your convenience
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How does it work?

How much does it cost?

When the money is paid out to your personal bank account, Abillio will deduct a 20% corporate income tax and transfer it to the State Treasury. You will not have to make any other tax payments (Social security contributions, personal income tax *).

In addition, Abillio will charge a service fee of 5% of the amount to be paid to you, as well as a bank commission for the transfer.

* When using our service, we strongly advise you to make social security contributions voluntarily, if it is not already done!

How much does it cost?

For professionals in various fields

Great for freelancers, business people, the self-employed, such as copywriters, translators, programmers, designers and consultants. Abillio supports a wide range of services, with the exception of financial consulting, licensed services and the sale of physical goods. We are working to ensure that in the future our services can be used by representatives of all fields.

Abillio cannot be used as a substitute for regular pay.


Frequently asked questions

  • Abillio services are designed for individuals who want to run their business quickly and without administrative barriers - by virtually creating their own legal entity to invoice their customers. Under no circumstances may Abillio be used for regular salary replacement, only for side gigs and freelance or contract work. The money paid out from Abillio will be equated to dividends, because by using Abillio you will become a member of the co-op company. Corporate income tax is deducted from the amount paid, but no social contributions are made.
  • Registration is simple and generally takes less than 10 minutes. In order to verify your newly created user profile, it is necessary to confirm your identity, as well as make a payment confirming participation in Co-op Company by transferring 1 EUR membership fee from your personal bank account (thus proving that it is your bank account . That's all - you have become a full member and can use all the benefits of Abillio!
  • Value added tax as well as corporate income tax in the amount of 20% will be deducted from the amount paid by customers, as income is equated to dividends. Taxes will be transferred to the state treasury. You will be indicated as a natural person as an income recipient. In case you prepare an annual personal income tax return, this income will appear in your income tax return automatically and you will not have to make any other tax payments. Abillio will deduct a share of the profit as a commission of 5% of the final (payable) amount. In addition, bank fees will be deducted from the amount to be paid out in accordance with our unified pricelist: payout to personal bank account in Citadele/SEB/Swedbank - 0.40 EUR/payout, payout to personal bank account in Revolut/Luminor/Other banks - 0.80 EUR/payout.
  • No, there are no restrictions. Take into a consideration that invoices in excess of € 10,000 will be subject to closer scrutiny.
  • No, we will take care of it and it is included in the service fee.
  • Yes, it is possible to issue invoices abroad using our service. However, co-operation with individual countries is not supported due to regulatory framework
  • Abillio is the first and only provider of this type of service in Latvia, which takes care of accounting, financial reporting and payment of taxes, allowing you to do business without unnecessary headaches and bureaucratic burden.
  • It will be possible soon.
  • No, in these cases we recommend choosing a different mode, as invoices will include VAT. You can calculate the amount of the invoice that you will receive and that will be issued with this on-line calculator -
  • The income earned is comparable to dividends and not to income from individual economic activity, respectively, no additional taxes in the form of personal income tax or social security contributions will have to be paid. believes that social security is an essential part of the current national Latvia's tax system, and if you have no other income for which social security contributions are paid, we recommend that you voluntarily join National Social Insurance or use any other sustainable savings for your old age.
  • We offer a simplified form of service agreement, which will be approved by the customer upon receipt of the invoice and which will protect both your and our interests. Please contact us by sending a suggestion to [email protected] if you think it needs clarification or edits.
  • Abillio invoices are issued electronically and are valid without a signature. If, however, an invoice signed with a secure electronic signature is required, contact us at [email protected]
  • Abillio is built by a team of professionals with extensive experience in finance and taxation, IT security and business. The Abillio team guarantees the high quality of services provided, timely execution and is responsible for fair and transparent accounting of financial resources, because the trust of our customers is the most important basis for a successful business. Abillio is registered in the Register of Enterprises of the Republic of Latvia and all information about participants is publicly available. Abillio has also insured its liability to you.
  • If possible. We do not support the abuse of your unemployment status and inform you that the abuse of your unemployment benefit while continuing your employment relationship with your employer in disguise with Abillio is not allowed and any tax consequences that may result from such action will be your responsibility.
  • Once the customer has paid the invoice, the amount to be paid will be available for transfer to your private bank account, which you can make in the Withdrawal section. Abillio uses Swedbank services. Any transfer up to 15,000 euros to a Swedbank, SEB banka or Citadele account will be made as a flash payment by default and will arrive within a few seconds. To other Latvian banks: - If payment is made by 4pm, it will be made on that day. If later than 4 pm - the next working day. - Payments to another bank in Europe (standard SEPA payments) take place several times a day on working days, and how quickly the money arrives at the beneficiary bank depends on clearing - so it is not possible to say how fast the money will be available (usually within a few hours) days, but the money transferred on Friday evening has to wait until Monday morning).
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