Goodbye complicated freelance accounting.

Invoicing, accounting and payments platform for cross-border freelance work. It is a virtual company that takes care of your legal setup, VAT invoicing, accounting and TAX payments.


Don't run a company. Use ours.

Save time, get rid of accounting and tax headaches, keep work/life balance under control. It’s safe, reliable and automated.

    • Save time and money

      • no need to establish a company
      • no need to hire an accountant and tax consultant
      • no need to file VAT reports
      • use your personal bank account instead of opening a new business account
    • Invoice and get paid fast

      • sign up and start invoicing
      • preview taxes and amount to be received
      • get notified when the invoice is paid
      • withdraw money to your personal bank account
    • Legal & VAT setup

      • no need to register as self-employed
      • no need to apply for VAT status
      • work from anywhere, anytime
      • invoice your cross-border clients with VAT-compatible invoices

    Start invoicing in 5 minutes

    It's never been easier to start your solo business. With our automated platform, you can focus on what you do best while we take care of everything else.

    • Sign up

      Enter your email or join with Facebook or Google
    • Start invoicing

      Enter customer details, create and send your first invoice
    • Follow payment status

      Receive a notification when the invoice has been paid
    • Cash out

      Withdraw money to your personal bank account
    Sign up
    Start invoicing in 5 minutes

    No commitment. Pay-as-you-go

    Preview the amount available for withdrawal before sending the invoice. See how much tax will be withheld and transferred to the tax authority. Abillio service fee is 5% from payout - pay-as-you-go with no monthly commitment.

    No commitment. Pay-as-you-go

    For freelancers, solopreneurs and independent professionals

    Abillio invoicing and payments platform is great for digital freelancers working with local and international customers.

    • copywriting
    • translation
    • SEO services
    • social media marketing
    • search engine marketing
    • marketing consultancy
    • business administration
    • video production
    • graphic design & illustration
    • 3D design
    • photography
    • animation
    • sound design
    • audio production
    • software development
    • web & mobile application development
    • Data science
    • Video game development
    • DevOps
    • SAP jobs
    • UX/UI design

    • legal income from digital work platforms Fiverr, Upwork, Toptal, 99designs etc.

    Frequently asked questions

    • Abillio services are intended for freelancers, solopreneurs and independent contractors who want to run their business quickly and without administrative hurdles - by providing them with legal entity and VAT number to invoice their cross-border customers. With Abillio you don't need to establish a legal entity, open business bank account or apply for VAT - with Abillio's company-as-a-service solution you can start your freelancing business right away.
    • Registration is simple and generally takes less than 10 minutes. In order to verify your newly created user profile, it is necessary to confirm your identity, as well as make a payment confirming participation in Co-op Company by transferring 1 EUR membership fee from your personal bank account (thus proving that it is your bank account . That's all - you have become a full member and can use all the benefits of Abillio!
    • Value added tax (depending on clients' country) and Abillio service fee 5%. In addition, bank fees will be deducted from the amount to be paid out - payout to a personal bank account in TransferWise/Citadele/SEB/Swedbank - 0.40 EUR/payout, payout to a personal bank account in Revolut/Luminor/Other banks - 0.80 EUR/payout.
    • No, there are no restrictions. However, invoices exceeding EUR 10,000 may be subject to an additional check and an invitation to explain the nature of the transaction and the origin of the money in accordance with AML requirements.
    • Yes, you can send invoices to your international customers because Abillio provides you with a VAT number. However, if your client pays in a currency other than euros, the received amount may differ depending on the currency exchange rate on the receipt day, as international transfers may take more than one day. In this case, your invoice amount will be adjusted post-factum to match the amount converted to euros. When adding a customer, it is important to remember to enter his tax identity number (TIN) and VAT ID number. Invoices to foreign countries will have a 0% VAT rate.
    • It will be possible soon, stay tuned!
    • We provide a streamlined service agreement that must be digitally approved by the customer upon receipt of the invoice and protects both your and our interests. If you believe it requires clarification, please contact us at [email protected]. If you need to sign a custom agreement or any other document, please include Abillio OU company information (find it on our home page footer section) and send it to abil[email protected]. We will digitally sign it and send it back to you.
    • Money will be available for withdrawal to your private bank account once the customer has paid the invoice. Withdrawal can be initiated in the Payout tab or will be processed automatically if you have selected "Automatic payout" while creating the invoice. Payouts are made 4 times a day. Abillio uses the services of Swedbank, TransferWise, Citadele, and SEB. Any transfer of up to 15,000 euros to a TransferWise, Swedbank, SEB bank, or Citadele account will be made as an instant payment and will arrive in a matter of seconds. To other banking institutions: - Payments received by 4 p.m. will be processed the same day. - If after 4 p.m., the next working day. - Payments to another bank in Europe (standard SEPA payments) are initiated several times per day on working days, and the speed with which the money arrives at the beneficiary bank is dependent on clearing - so it is impossible to predict how quickly the money will be received (usually within a few hours), but money transferred on Friday evening will arrive on Monday morning.
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