DAC7 compliant payments to freelancers and platform sellers

Distribute payments to freelancers and sellers using our Freelancer Management System or API integration with automated DAC7 reporting. Solution for businesses, online marketplaces, work platforms, streaming services. 


Company-as-a-service and DAC7 reporting

Abillio uses a combination of a digital platform and a unique legal framework to offer company-as-a-service to freelancers / sellers providing them with legal entity, tax ID, VAT ID. 
Businesses and online platforms can either use our Freelancer Management System or integrate directly with our platform via API to seamlessly process payments and outsource DAC7 reporting.

Here's how Abillio helps online platforms affected by DAC7:

  • Cost friendly

    • • No hidden costs, fixed service fee
    • • Afford to pay more, hire best talent, save company resources on DAC7 reporting
    • • Save your accounting department's time, save freelancer's time while staying compliant
  • Convenient

    • • One platform to manage and pay all your independents, freelancers and sellers
    • • Freelancer or seller doesn't require his own company, TAX ID, VAT ID to receive payments
    • • Skip dealing with legal formalities - contracts, employment agreements
    • • Online platforms can integrate with our platform via API to seamlessly process payments and outsource DAC7 reporting
  • Quick

    • • Invite freelancers/service providers to via email or register your platform sellers directly via API
    • • Create invoices on behalf of your invited freelancers and make payments
    • • Freelancers/sellers receive payments to their personal bank account

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Multiple freelancer accounting and management
Free invoice generator (EUR, USD, GBP, CAD, AUD)
Receive VAT invoices, automatic VAT calculation
Automatic invoice generation via CSV upload or API integration
Abillio pays taxes on behalf of the service provider (available in Latvia only)
Pay for hours or project based, wide array of services to choose from
Skip dealing with legal formalities, save time on collecting seller TAX ID and DAC7 reporting
KYC & AML sanction list check
Get your and your service provider/ seller accounts set up and running in under 15 minutes
Freelancers don't need TAX ID, VAT ID or creating their own company
Can be used by businesses globally
Fast payouts in SEPA & SWIFT
Freelancers from 220 countries, payments in EUR, USD, CAD, AUD, GBP
API integration with your platform
Outsourced DAC7 reporting
🕗Data export and integration with ERP and accounting software
🕗Payment cards for faster payouts
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